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Artist Statement, Marijke de Bie, 2012

In my work I aim to reflect atmospheres, states of being. I am always drawn to certain aspects of physicality; the intricate ways in which the body moves. Fashion can function as a tool to amplify those expressions. I am looking for where the distortion comes in. The moment that imperfection, or deviations suddenly become a trait of beauty. It is a sense of otherness where pain can also be present. A sense of suffering very much connected to the essence of our being and our life. The closer you get to this, the stronger your senses experience. I am fascinated by the suppressed energy that you can find beneath that polished surface of the ‘real’ that is constantly presented to us in visuals and media. The tension related to violence, sexuality, our primary urges. In subcultures of music and fashion these desires and passions are acknowledged, sometimes exploited. They serve as an inspiration to me. I always look for the distortion, and try to transform this friction to a razorsharp image. The bruises, the knots and the imperfection can be perceived as ultimate traits of beauty. And when you can represent that through your film, you get closer to expressing life.”





52 pages, 29,7 x 24,3 cm
Text in Dutch and English
Introduction by Froukje Hoekstra
ISBN 9789081241625
Trichis Publishing, 2007













Rotterdam in the Picture
240 pages, text in Dutch (English summary), edited by Frits Gierstberg and Joop de Jong, introduction by Wilfried de Jong, ISBN 9789492081179
Hannibal, 2015, p. 120, 121