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Moment of Trust, Hotel Solo – Tenthaus Oslo, Club Solo, Breda, 2 November – 4 November 2018


Hotel Solo is Club Solo’s annually recurring international project. Once per year, Hotel Solo serves as a platform for a foreign art space. Tenthaus Artist Collective from Oslo (Norway) is an artist run space which founded on principles of social engagement. They are inquiring into the role of the artist in society in general and the institution of education in particular.
Bart Kemps participated in the project Moment of Trust with the Walking around Archive. The students of Kellebeek College Breda (who are learning Dutch) are part of the installation process and decide how and where the art should be shown.
‘At all levels of this project trust is central to understanding how the art world, and the world in general works. Our social and economical frameworks are essentially based on trusting each other. Tenthaus believes that in these polarizing times it is necessary to bring attention to the way in which trust and skepticism work in our everyday environments.’ The artists behind Tenthaus are Stefan Schröder, Helen Erkisen and Ebba Moi.





We promised to each other that we always think the same, 2015 –





Collage installatie, AKV | St.Joost, Breda, October 2018, group project





De Aandeelhoudersvergadering, Stokvishallen, Breda, 6 – 21 October 2018, group exhibition




Sadness and comfort, 1.05 min, 2018





Dubbele Beelden, Stadsgalerij Breda, 27 June – 12 August 2018





Floating Stones, WORM, Rotterdam, group exhibition





Betonne Expo III, Tuin van Rick, Breda, 13 April 2017, group exhibition





Gasten bij Bas, Kwadendamme, 24 – 25 September 2016, group exhibition





Life, 2015





Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam, 2004, group exhibition





TEEK no and low budget film festival, annual event, like a film festival should be: weird combinations of short films, sold-out screenings, nice people and great parties, Breda, 2001 – 2004





Be bop a lula, 2003